Monday, December 9, 2019

What are Sacred Circles?

Matter and life force are what make us who we are as human beings. Every person enters this world with an immeasurable amount of potential and energy, bringing forth the possibility for abundant blessing. I believe this energy is our soul, holding every aspect of our life, touching everyone and everything and leaving traces of our spirit with every encounter for all time.

Remembrance is a gift; through Sacred Life Circles the power of our memories and the energy those memories generate are combined with the embodiment of the life force itself to create comfort and bring a smile to your face. Separation through physical distance or in death is not the end; it is a transformation and a new way of being in relationship with those who touch our lives so deeply.

Sacred Life Circles hold the power of unity! The circles we create when we gather together in celebration of life’s blessed events, create a unique energy of their own. I create Sacred Life Circles to memorialize and hold onto a piece of that energetic connection.

These Circles are made of fabric with a central accent. The fabric chosen has a connection to our loved one(s) either by touch or in spirit through a color/pattern that holds a special memory. It could be from a jersey, blouse, apron, handkerchief, or a tie; almost anything that can be sewn. These Circles are just the right size to be lovingly dropped in a pocket, laid on a bedside table, placed in your car or kept just about anywhere a touch of Spirit is needed to brighten your day. 

To order Sacred Life Circles either in honor of or in memory of a beloved person or event, please reach out via email for the details with how many you would like. There is little to no fee associated with these creations. A 5” square of fabric is needed for each. If you no longer have any personal fabric, a purchased fabric can be used or share with me with a little story of love about the person or event and I will allow spirit to guide my selection of a fabric that no doubt will be just right (that’s how spirit works)! 

Thank you for taking the time to visit today, know that we are all deeply connected by the love we share with each other and I will hold you in my thoughts and prayers today and always! 

Peace, love and comfort be with you! ~Hugs Kristyn

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